Friday, September 19, 2008

For those out there who believe in the sanctity of human life and truly respect the dignity of every human being at least as much as you respect your self then you know that human pain, hurt and suffering has never been worse because there has never been 6+billion people living on this planet. It follows then that every act of human beings inhumanity to other human beings, particularly in regards to deprivation of food and shelter and security of being that causes millions of lives to suffer needlessly tends to kiss off the stark reality that the ocean of suffering humanity has never been bigger because it is just too God Damn depressing to think about for very long if you really care to believe; this was done by humanity so why could it not be undone by humanity.
You might say I don’t have time to worry about the starving children in parts of Africa because thanks to the default credit swaps and the subprime mortgage mass orgasm of greed it’s all I can do to barely feed my own children TODAY let alone tomorrow. Are you saying you just got foreclosed, laid off and your righteously pissed off and you just got a tax bill for 999 billion dollars that may or may not take a lifetime to pay off depending on whether Ford can come up with a better idea than their last better idea and just hearing the words greed mongers makes your blood pressure rise 50 points top and bottom then you are at the right blogsite.
Welcome to one of the most angry men on the planet earth’s blogsite.I hope I can lighten up and enlighten your journey through the darkest phase in humanity’s history thus far according to what’s the frequency beings’ (updated at 21:49 hrs. 9.19.08) evaluation. Grim is a word we try only to associate with fairy tales. Our angers’ name is topper and we try to ride it the way one of our heroes rode his horse topper. Does any one remember Hopalong Cassidy? We bid you good night and good sleeping with this sobering thought. The forces of dark energy disguised as Aliens that are conjectured to be a group of brilliant anti-human beings or visa-versa (a.k.a. the antichrist )have unimaginably cracked the human genetic code ,found the deformed chromosome that activates manic-depressive behavior now commonly known as bi-polar disorder, transmutated it into a virus that is water soluble and injected it into the water supply of every city in the world that has a stock exchange and major financial institutions. By somehow diluting the virus they are able to limit behavioral symptoms to mild mania and depression and there-by make their intervention like the classic invisible hand of Adam Smith. We completely understand that some may find this preposterous. Just don’t let it get you too angry and may God Almighty Jesus Christ be with all of us humanity.

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