Friday, September 26, 2008

Are the divisions around the world, including hatreds between tribes e.g. aboriginals and Caucasian colonists in the Americas and throughout the world: the unprecedented divorce rate throughout the western world in the last 30 years: the division of a mother and her fetus by millions of abortions on demand around the world every year: the vastly growing abyss between secularists and those who believe in God Almighty Jesus Christ and the very divisive 30,000+ denominations among Christians themselves: the fulfillment of part of Jesus Christ’s mission on earth to spread division not peace by lighting a fire with great anguish by his own words in the quickly unfolding Divine Plan for the life and love of all us humanity? All would be wise at this moment in world history to chew on Jesus Christ’s words regarding the salvation of the rich when he says for humanity it is impossible but not for God, with God all things are possible.

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